25+ Funny Pictures To Get Your Monday Morning Started With A Bang

If there’s one thing we love here at Pleated-Jeans it’s funny pictures. Who doesn’t love a good laugh in the morning am I right?

We’ve done our best to skim the cream of funny pics from today’s internet, and the pics in this dump made us laugh the most. Hopefully, they do the same for you!


2. The wife’s addition to our automatic cat feeder

3. The love my 10yo has for me is unparalleled.


5. Any plant experts? Is this a Pussy Willow or a Cattail?

6. Don’t forget about the moobs…



9. Wipe my what?? Oh. Ohhhh

10. Another Mother’s Day Sign




14. Just so the cops don’t get called ….

15. Genius Plumber

16. Neighbor bought a new truck. Didn’t measure twice.

17. stormy with a chance of wet moms this week


19. My coffee’s in a bad mood

20. Living with teenagers

21. Happy mother’s day…your way


23. If a Taco Bell x Pizzahut is called Tacohut, should this be called a DollarDollar?

24. Blue Screen of Death

25. The dumb joy I get going on one of these as a full sized adult



Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.