Mom Accidentally Adopts Wolf, But Don’t Worry, It Turns Out To Be A Funny Wholesome Story About A Good Boy (20+ Pics)

Adopting a dog can change your life in many ways. Dogs find a way into our hearts and become part of the family. You love them as much as your own kids, only they have 4 legs and are much furrier.

One risk to adopting is you might not know everything about a dog’s background. What if you adopted a dog only to find out it was a wolf?

Well, that’s just what happened to this Tumblr user who shared a wholesome story about how their parents unknowingly adopted a wolf hybrid, and it went much better than you’d expect.

A Tumblr user shared a story entitled “Mom Adopts a ‘Dog'”

So y'all keep blowing up my notes with the various Family Lore stories I've been telling, so I guess I should tell one on my parents now.

The dog was named Mazel and she wasn’t a barker.

Image credits: Tim Weller (not the actual photo)

She’d hunt squirrels and other backyard animals and she quickly learned how to open latches and doors throughout the house. You know, dog stuff.

My Mother's Father was part of the United Auto Worker's Union, and during the 50's and 60's, was on strike a lot. My point is, grandpa got himself an entirely deserved reputation for being a sucker who loved animals, so people would dump thier pets on him. Hence, my mother grew up in a house with pets such as Picket the one-eyed tomcat, Tweety the Bald canary, Dummy the cat, Stupid Son of Dummy, Spooky Garbage Dog and Chiquita the Tarantula. Eventually Grandma put her foot down when Grandpa brought home Gerta the Saint Bernard.

say all this because it provides some context for how the following occured. Mom and Dad had just moved in together (my parents dated for six years and were engaged for 13 days, driving everyone on both sides insane), and unfortunately, My mother's German Shepherd, Cops, has just passed away due to bone cancer. After mourning for a bit, Mom and Dad decided to get a dog together, as a couple.

So they go to the Palo Alto Animal shelter to adopt. The year was 1987, and at the time, Palo Alto was... not a great place. Lots of drugs, gangs and poor civic managment. Mom told me that she learned to identify different types of gunfire while living there. They get there, and mom explains that she's always had a preference for Big Dogs, and the guy's face lights up. Oh Yes, he says, We have a Big Dog. For expirienced owners, yep, adoptable today, here we'll give you a discount even-

They finally decide to take Mazel to the vet.

As it turned out, Mazel was a wolf-husky hybrid, and the vet warned them to keep children away from her.

Mazel became a family dog, though. She accepted the new baby as one of her own. She’d sleep under the crib and even helped her learn to walk.

Mazel even won pet day competitions at school.

She even made it to the ripe old age of 19.




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