Boss’s Demand For Employees To Call Out Sick Before 6AM Backfires

In a recent Malicious Compliance post on Reddit, a user shared a story about their frustrating experience with calling in sick at work.

The employee’s job typically started in the afternoon, but when they woke up feeling sick one morning, they call in sick around 10 AM. However, the manager insisted that sick calls must be made before 6 in the morning to avoid losing hours.

They argued that it was impossible to call before 6 since the manager only arrived at 10. The following day, they faced more criticism when attempting to comply with the new policy. A few similar incidents forced the manager to change the “calling in sick” rule but not before becoming the victim of malicious compliance.

Here’s the full story along with reactions from readers.

The story stirred a debate among readers, with some questioning the manager’s strict policy for calling in sick and others sympathizing with the OP’s predicament.


Nate Armbruster

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