Midjourney AI Recreates Famous Superheroes And Villains Captured On Early Autochrome Cameras

Step into a realm where imagination and technology meld seamlessly, where the boundaries of creativity are pushed to exhilarating heights. Welcome to the enthralling universe of Midjourney AI prompts, where artistry and artificial intelligence converge to produce awe-inspiring images that will leave you spellbound.

Recently, a fascinating group of pictures was shared to the r/midjourney subreddit. While we’ve seen tons of really cool prompts that gave us fun pic dumps, this one is even more unique. Superheroes and villains as captured on early autochrome cameras. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Superman

2. Wonder Woman

3. Captain America

4. The Hulk

5. Dr Strange

6. Thor

7. Black Panther

8. Wolverine

9. Storm

10. Loki

11. Poison Ivy

12. Superman Alt

13. Joker

14. Dr Doom

15. Wonder Woman Alt

16. Black Panther Alt

17. Dr Doom Alt


Mike Primavera

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