Worker Gets Last Laugh On Micromanaging Boss With Clever Petty Revenge

Micromanagement is bad management, plain and simple. And Redditor, u/sixuldv8 would likely agree. Recently in a r/PettyRevenge thread, they shared their experience taking a stand against their micromanaging superior.

In a scenario where many might choose to silently endure the overbearing scrutiny, this worker courageously sought to sidestep their boss’s constant interference. Their tactic of openly calling out their boss’s excessiveness has sparked a ripple of applause across the platform, reflecting collective disapproval of such management styles.

This act of subtle, yet decisive retaliation might just set a precedent for others to follow. On a similar note, another intriguing tale of retribution has emerged from the same forum. An ingenious individual managed to condition their roommate to sleep through their morning alarms, as a response to their consistently disruptive behavior. It seems like this act was a well-deserved consequence, keeping the forum’s spirit of “petty revenge” alive and thriving.





5. Bonus pro revenge:

6. Some choice commentary on her tactical pro revenge





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