25 Pieces Of ‘NSFW’ Life Advice Every Woman Needs To Know According To Women Of Reddit

Not all life advice is SFW.

And while we may not feel comfortable asking our doctors, or friends about the “dirty stuff,” we can ask the ladies of Reddit, anonymously.

Recently, women on the AskReddit forum were asked:

The responses weren’t necessarily “NSFW” in the classic sense, but definitely discussed some taboo topics.


You can get TSS from pads, not just tampons. It happened to me. If you are on your period or just recently finished and you have a persistent headache, fever, and/or vomiting GO TO THE ER! TK_Sleepytime


If you can’t have orgasms from regular sex don’t be embarrassed to get a sex toy. Clitoral orgasms are normal for a lot of women. —noseymimi


There’s nothing wrong with using lube (or coconut oil for those with lube allergies) every time you have sex. Your body won’t get wet enough every single time, even if you’re feeling horny and ready to go. Lube reduces risk of soft tissue damage down there, use liberally and as often as needed! This goes doubley so for shower sex where water washes away any natural lubrication. —alittlebitiffy


There was a comment on the men’s thread about washing out cum stains with cold water. Same goes for period stains. Blood clots at over 42 °C temperatures, so rinse with cold water. It may be more common knowledge on reddit but a couple of my irl friends actually had no clue when it came up in conversation once. SheFightsHerShadow


If you’ve got super sensitive skin like me then shaving down below is an absolute nightmare. Getting a decent trimmer, exfoliating acne wash, and calamine lotion changes eeeeverything! —Z0rya


If you menstruate and find yourself in a situation without pads or tampons on hand, this is the best way to make an emergency pad that will not leak after like 20 seconds:

– Grab paper towels
– Fold it hot dog length a couple times until it is roughly the size of the bottom of your panties
– Tuck the top 1/2 inch inside the little flap thing on the bottom of your underwear (if you don’t have it, it’s fine)
– Take toilet paper and wrap it around a couple times until the paper towel is covered to secure it and for comfort
– Tuck in the last part into the bottom, pull up your pants, and you’re done!!! —astraeavenus


If you’re having pelvic issues for a while and got tested for a urinary tract infection and it comes back negative for bacteria… it could be physical so you should get tested for other stuff. I had an ultrasound done then MRI after months of pain and eventually they found a tumor and a fibroid cyst. —Qkddxksthsuseks


just being naked alone at home has been great for building self confidence! it’s like exposure therapy – if you get used to seeing yourself butt naked, everything else is a breeze. highly recommend naked redditing, 10/10. —lou_dragon


Don’t fake orgasms!! You’re reenforcing bad behavior! Make sure he/she learns what you need so he/she can make you cum like a pro. —cwade84


You can loosen a stubborn poop by sticking your fingers into your vagina and massaging towards the rear. —IsThisNameTakenThen


If you think you have a UTI and don’t have time/money to go to the doctors download the planned parenthood app! For $15 you can describe your symptoms and have a prescription faxed to your local pharmacy! DONT LET IT GO UNTREATED. —jackofnotradess


If you have been the victim of sexual assualt or rape and have times were it can be triggering to have sex let your partner know. Let them know how to seek consent in a comfortable manner or how to initiate in a way where you will feel comfortable to say no. Seems like a no brainer but that can be hard to talk about.

Also the right person will understand and respect what you are going through. And when you are ready to let that freak flag fly they will be there.

It is ok to do what feels right amd it is always ok to say no. —tamere1218


A shot of tequila helps with period cramps! —milocat2


Use a mirror to see your junk and do that every once in a while to check if everything is still fine down there! Knowing how it’s supposed to look like can help spot any abnormality earlier!

Also, if you’re concerned about the taste of your vagina, well, just try! (someone made a video about it a while ago) You don’t have to be a huge fan, and eat that every meal, but once again, knowing your body and what’s its normal is always good! —awkwardsteg


As a woman with 48DDD breasts, I carry wet wipes for the underboob sweat, and sometimes deodorant. Hell sometimes I’ll just put paper towels under and change them out when I’m at work. —YourBlackSailorScout


Every day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. It can be anything from, “I have nice eyebrows” to “I am good at spelling” it takes practice, but it is worth it. —stringthing87


If you have problems with recurring yeast infections or general itchiness, blow dry your vulva (just outside, nothing inside) after showering to make sure everything gets adequately dried out. —notreallylucy


Wash all the folds and lips down there with water and maybe a light soap, but do not put anything inside your vagina.

Always shave with the grain, not against it because you will get razor burn.

Baby wipes or toilet wipes are great to carry for a quick freshening up down there.

Always have panty liners, tampons and spare panties.

Make sure yours or your partners nails are short and clean, and their hands are clean before any sort of penetration. Klasjash


Some people don’t feel comfortable waxing at home, but I recommend buying Veet’s pre-waxing comfort spray. I use it before getting waxed at the salon. Kind of pleasant numbing/tingling to prevent some of the pain. ID9ITAL


PEE AFTER SEX. It sucks having to leave the post cuddle sesh to pee but DO IT. Worst UTI of my life when I didn’t pee after once. Literally was on the toilet crying for 3 hours. —afterlife121


A surprising amount of medications can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills, including antibiotics and some antidepressants. Talk to your pharmacist/doctor and if you’re taking antibiotics, use other forms of protection. —alargelane


Your chronic yeast infection may not be the problem. Stop spending money of creams and pills to treat a symptom; Get tested. I had some almost every month for years and every time my doctor would just brush me off and tell me to get some Difulcan. I finally went to a different doctor and one bloodwork revealed a bacteria that is responsible for causing them. Two weeks of antibiotics and I have not gotten a yeast infection since. —talbota


If you’re running late and don’t have time to wash your jeans grab a bouncy sheet and rub it on your jeans. You’ll smell fresh. —bryb_02


Ladies, if you happen to be in a bit of a dry spell with sexual partners, and you don’t normally masturbate… A gynaecologist told me that periodic masturbation is actually healthy for keeping your nether regions well-lubricated – something of a ‘use it or start to lose it’ situation with sufficient vaginal fluids. When you get back into the game with a partner, you’ll be less likely to experience that things are a bit dry during sex. —Letsmakethissimple1


Seamless panties. —Due_Duck