People Are Roasting This AirBNB Host After They Complained About A Decrease In Bookings

Airbnb used to be a practical alternative to hotels because you get more space and a full kitchen at your disposal. The “home” aspect is pretty nice too.

But for most customers, it’s become more of a hassle than staying in a hotel, and with prices rising and the growing number of chores required, people just aren’t as thrilled about the idea of staying in an Airbnb.

Recently, an Airbnb “super host”  asked an Airbnb pros Facebook group, “Has anyone seen a huge decrease in bookings over the last three to four months? We went from at least 50% occupancy to literally 0% the last two months?”

It wasn’t long before Twitter got ahold of the post and had a field day.

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1. A housing analyst pointed out how some Airbnb hosts were complaining about bookings:

2. Some hosts responded, trying to be helpful, suggesting that it could be the location of the property attributed to their bookings decreasing.

3. But most people just wanted to roast AirBNB for, you know, kinda sucking now.












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