Street Artist Transforms Bridge Into Giant LEGO Bricks

I’m always eager to share funny design fails and remarkable design creations, but somehow, this one has managed to slip under my radar for the past few years.

An impressive transformation took place in Germany as a bridge in the city of Wuppertal, Western Germany was given a unique makeover. Originally part of the former Wuppertal railway line, the bridge now serves as a pedestrian walkway.

In 2011, authorities enlisted the help of street artist Martin Heuwold, also known as Megx, to bring a touch of creativity to the structure.

Megx decided to paint the bridge to resemble massive LEGO bricks, employing advanced techniques to make the illusion appear realistic. The result was truly remarkable.

Although constructed of concrete, the bridge now resembled a larger-than-life LEGO creation, evoking the imagination of every child who has attempted to build their own LEGO masterpiece.

Before embarking on the project, Megx sought permission from the LEGO Group to bring his idea to life. Once approval was granted, Megx and his team completed the painting of the 250-square-meter structure in under two weeks.

The artist drew inspiration from his family, particularly his two daughters who have a fondness for LEGO structures.

In recognition of this innovative endeavor, the project was awarded the Deutscher Fassadenpreis (German Facade) Advancement Prize in 2012.

Nate Armbruster

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