‘Coldest Regards’ — Job Applicant’s Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Cover Letter Goes Viral Because Every Worker Can Relate

Strap in, folks, because the brutal reality of job hunting in the modern era is about to get a cheeky makeover. Picture applying to a staggering 200 jobs, and maybe—just maybe—hearing back from a humble five. Sounds fun, right? Yet, the good old days of storming into an office and flinging your CV at the unsuspecting manager like a paper ninja star are sadly long behind us. Despite your grandpa’s stories, we’re pretty sure that method wasn’t as foolproof as he’d like you to believe.

Now, in a world where most of your applications will meet with a wall of silence, one bold Redditor has discovered a way to lighten the mood. Enter u/rainingmafackas, our job-seeking hero, who has unleashed a flurry of deliciously passive-aggressive cover letters to some rather questionable job listings.

Read on to see the full cover letter and the reactions from the r/AntiWork community. Next, check out this genius resignation letter that sparked a viral conversation.



3. Redditors are calling the OP a legend, and taking inspiration








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