Former Hotel Manager Exposes Dos And Don’ts After Checking Into Your Room

Hotels often raise concerns about cleanliness, and let’s face it, some can be extremely unsettling. The majority of people are aware of the potential issues with items like bed duvets. Additionally, given the tight schedules for cleaning, even the most diligent housekeeping staff may not be able to address every detail adequately.

In a recent TikTok video, Melissa (@melly_creations), who previously worked as a hotel manager, shared some valuable tips. She revealed what to touch and what to avoid based on her experience in the industry.

Determining which hotels prioritize cleanliness can be challenging, but generally, the more expensive ones tend to have cleaner rooms (although this isn’t always the case, so caution is advised).

Here are some of the hotel tips Melissa discussed in her viral TikTok:

1. She starts by saying, “First and foremost, I ensure that these vents are immaculate.”

2. Following that, she emphasizes the significance of thorough bed inspections by stating, “I always check the bed for any signs of bed bugs.”

3. In other videos, Melissa shares what she refuses to use in hotel rooms. One item on her list is Keurig machines due to their potential lack of cleanliness. She explains, “Having seen more than water being brewed in them, the uncleaned tube inside is a major concern.”

4. Continuing, she firmly states her refusal to utilize refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles found in hotel bathrooms. These bottles, susceptible to tampering, are a cause for concern as she has personally witnessed items like Nair and other unknown substances being placed inside them.

5. Melissa warns that hotel room glasses may not be as clean as assumed if they aren’t sealed in plastic. She advises against using them unless thoroughly washed beforehand.

6. She unveils a disturbing fact about hotel room ice buckets: they may have been used for unsanitary purposes, such as vomiting. Consequently, she avoids using them altogether, opting for clean plastic bags or cups from her room to collect ice if needed.

7. Commenters, including current and former hospitality workers, are echoing Melissa’s sentiments, strongly agreeing with her assessment.








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