This Woman Chooses To Spend $20 On Starbucks 7 Days A Week Rather Than They Pay Off Her $2000 Credit Card Debt

The generational divide is a recurring topic of conversation, often accompanied by a fair share of finger-pointing. One of the most popular criticisms levied against younger generations is their alleged penchant for spending money on lattes and other seemingly trivial indulgences instead of saving for the future.

Well, TikTok user Alivia (@guacamoiegamerfart9000) is kinda that stereotype. In a recent video she shows herself with her daily Starbucks cup.

“When I should be paying off my $2000 in credit card debt but instead I spend $20 on Starbucks everyday 7 days a week.”

“My Starbucks addiction has to be taken care of. I’m sorry mom.”


my starbucks addiction has to be taken care of im sorry mom

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Mike Primavera

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