Study Shows Trend Of German Men Sitting Down To Pee For Two Big Reasons

A common stereotype, at least here in America, is that men who sit down to pee are somehow less masculine. Standing to pee is, I suppose, one of the perks of being a man. You can just whip it out and go. However, not every man has the accuracy to make this happen without getting pee everywhere. Honestly, the older I get, the more I sit to pee. I just need the break.

Recently, a tweet went viral share a new trend in Germany thanks to the “toilet ghost.” Yeah, you read that right

The full tweet reads:

Sitzpinkler – A German word for a man who sits down while peeing. Just like women do. The trend is fairly recent but has become popular in Germany, thanks in part to the “Toilet Ghost,” a device that instructs men to take a seat β€” in the voice of recent German chancellors for added authority.

The main reasons for the trend are hygiene and health β€” and perhaps also smartphones. Recently, UK-based pollster YouGov published the results of a 13-country survey of men’s urinating preferences. 8 countries of Europe,USA, Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Australia. German men emerged champions. Almost 66% – 40% every time and 22% sat most of the times. Singapore and Mexico had least-6 &5%. Before 2000, Sitzsprinkler was a word with negative connotation, weak men who sat to pee like women. β€˜Toilet Ghost’ and written signs changed it.

Now most males are conditioned to sit down and pee since not all aims are accurate while standing. So peeing while sitting is more hygienic and considerate for next user.

Here’s what people had to say in the comments:

What are your thoughts on this? Should everyone sit to pee? Does it really matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Mike Primavera

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