Fashion Influencer Is Cancelled After Promotional Trip To Shein Factory Backfires

In the pursuit of maximizing profits and meeting the insatiable demand for cheap clothing, fast fashion brands often prioritize efficiency and cost-cutting measures over the well-being of their workers. These factories, primarily located in developing countries, become breeding grounds for exploitation, labor abuse, and unsafe working conditions. From meager wages to excessive working hours and inadequate safety measures, the true cost of our affordable fashion fix becomes glaringly apparent.

However, that doesn’t stop these companies from trying to promote themselves as the total opposite. Content creator Dani DMC (Instagram | Twitter) and a few other influencers showed this when the went on a tour of a Shein factory in China.

Dani made a promotional video for Shein, which has since been torn apart on the internet.

“Next day we headed to the Shein innovation center, this facility blew my mind, it’s over 600’000 square feet, there’s so much technology.”

“You guys know me, she’s an investigative journalist, so I asked her all of our questions and she answered them honestly and authentically.”

“Shein warehouse is about 84 acres and is almost fully run by technology and automation”

“I was really impressed with the extensive checklist that each item had to go through before it’s shipped on. I think my biggest takeaway from this trip is to be an independent thinker, get the facts and see with your own two eyes.”

See the full video here:

Here’s what people had to say about it in the comments:

Here’s the rebuttal from Dani DMC:

And then the backpedaling…

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