DoorDash Customer Leaves $10 Cash Tip Under Doormat For Driver, But He Didn’t Take It — “Now I Feel Bad”

In a world where digital transactions reign supreme, there’s still something special about the sound of crisp bills exchanging hands. For servers and delivery people, cash tips carry a unique significance, often surpassing the allure of other forms of gratuity. Beyond the convenience and speed of digital transactions, the tangible nature of cash holds an undeniable appeal.

However, cash isn’t always king. These days, tipping on apps is so common, most people don’t even think about cash tips anymore. TikTok user Saraphine (@saraphineisabellestanier) shares her story:

“As a server and someone who also use to DoorDash cash is ALWAYS better. I tip $10-$20 every time. I don’t DoorDash food often so when I do I treat them.”

See the Tiktok for yourself here:


AS A SERVER IM STRESSED 😭 #tipyourdrivers #tipyourservers #tipping #fyp @DoorDash

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