35 Hilariously Chaotic Design Fails From Architects Who Have Clearly Never Seen A Building Before

Architecture, the art of transforming dreams into tangible structures, is a noble profession that shapes the very landscape we inhabit. However, for every masterpiece that graces our cities, there are a few design fails that leave us scratching our heads in bewilderment. In this post, we embark on an amusing exploration of hilariously chaotic architectural blunders from builders who seem to have forgotten the fundamentals of constructing a building.

Here are 35 hilariously chaotic design fails from architects who are just straight up bad at their job:

1. In Case Of Fire

2. Being Handicapped In Cabo San Lucas Is Apparently An Extreme Sport

3. It’s Even More Fascinating When This Shit Happens In A Design School

4. Can’t Touch This?

5. You Had One Job

6. Built The Staircase Exactly As Designed, Boss

7. My Hotel Has A Sitting Area With No Possible Way To Access It

8. At Friends House For Summer Party. His Downstairs Staircase Does Not Actually Let You Get Into The Basement

9. This ATM Keeps You Fit

10. I Would Like To Meet The Planning Committee Who Approved This

11. Hope You Picked Good Seats!

12. Right Here!

13. The World’s Worst Balcony

14. Forgetting How To Architect

15. You Had One Job, Architects

16. Best Hotel Room Window View Ever

17. This New University Building Looks Like A Giant Toilet

18. It’s Just Up The Stairs

19. Found In A Newly Renovated Middle School

20. The Architect Had A Bit Of Fun With This One

21. This Pipe Was Bent To Go Around The Clock Instead Of Just Removing The Clock And Going Straight Up

22. Who Needs Privacy

23. My Dad Hired A Company To Install A Fence After Extending The Driveway. This Is Their Handy Work

24. The Clock On This Church. You Had One Job, Architect

25. Just Noticed This In The Living Room

26. No One Is Going To Steal My Damn Car

27. Turn Right And Then Bunnyhop To Your Destination

28. You Had One Job

29. Pointless Balcony

30. This Single Window On The Side Of A Building

31. These Stairs

32. Well-Lit Yard

33. You Should Have Been More Specific

34. Went To Philly. Found A Building With A Garage Door On The Third Floor That Looks Like It’s Been Hit By A Car

35. This Roof Window


Stefanie Mustian

Stefanie is an architect with 15+ years of working both independently as well as on teams of some of the top Architectural Firms in the country located in Atlanta, Washington D.C. and New York. She currently runs BoardBatten.com a coastal architecture and design service in Port Aransas, Texas. She is also the wife of the dude who runs Pleated-Jeans.