Man Answers An Unknown Number Rudely, Turns Out To Be A Woman Trying To Schedule His Job Interview

In a world bustling with interactions, where every word carries weight, and every action leaves an impression, the significance of good manners cannot be overstated. From the classroom to the boardroom, the grocery store to the grandest stages of life, the way we conduct ourselves can have a lasting impact on those around us. Why? Because you never know who’s listening, observing, and taking note.

Recently, a recruiter, Reilly Duke (@reillyduke), called a man to set up an interview for a job he applied for.

“So my job requires me to call different applicants to see if we can schedule them for interviews, testing dates, appointments, whatever the case may be,” she said. “And I just called somebody, his name was Ignacio. I said, ‘Hi, is this Ignacio?’, he said ‘Yes it is and I’m very busy. What do you want?’”

“Silence on the other end of the phone for a good 15 seconds. He goes, ‘Oh… yeah, yes I do, please yes.’”

“I said, ‘Not a problem, we’ll see you on this date.’ Please be kinder to the people that you don’t know who are on the other side of the phone, because if I were a worse person, I would not have scheduled this person.”


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