Woman Goes Viral For Calling Out An Important Detail In “Barbie” We All Missed

Since its grand premiere, the Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie has become a sensation, drawing throngs of fans to theaters with its heartwarming storyline, dazzling animation, and empowering messages. From young children who idolize the iconic Barbie to adults who cherish the nostalgia, the movie’s appeal spans generations, making it a box-office hit like no other.

Recently, Tiktoker Brittney Garcia-Dumas shared a moment from Barbie many fans may have missed.

“Just a warning about the beginning of the Barbie movie, when they’re accepting their awards, they don’t say, ‘thank you,’ they say, ‘I worked really hard for this and I deserve it.’ …And it will truly make you feel like you can walk through a wall!”


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