Nightshift Workers Get Forgotten And Left Out Of Ice Cream Party At Work — “We Don’t Deserve Nice Things”

Working through the night can often feel like inhabiting a different world, where the rest of the company seems to be operating on a different clock. For those dedicated individuals who toil away during the night shift, the feeling of being left out can be both disheartening and frustrating, especially when it comes to employee gifts and parties.

Recently, one nightshift worker shared a now viral Tiktok of him coming into work and seeing that all of the day employees got some ice cream from the company, but there was none for his shift.

“I’m like, that’s awesome! It’s really hot and humid out, so the company got us some ice cream treats.”

“And then I remember: I’m a night-shifter, and actually, we don’t deserve anything nice.”

See the Tiktok here:


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Mike Primavera

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