Company Offers Influencer $70,000 A Week To Use Her Likeness For An AI Adult Star

In a digital age that blurs the lines between reality and technology, a fascinating trend is emerging at the intersection of AI and celebrity culture. Some AI companies are taking a leap into uncharted territory by paying well-known public figures to lend their likeness to create content. The result? Virtual collaborations that bring beloved figures into the realm of artificial intelligence.

However, one influencer, Nessa (@imsimplynessa), shared a rather creepy offer she received from one AI company.

“Episode 1,000 of the weirdest and scariest sh*t that happens in my life. I just had a company reach out and want to clone me. This is not a joke, this literally just f*cking happened. So last week I got an email from a brand and they said hey we work with other influencers that have over a million followers and we recreate them as an A.I. program.”

“And they were pitching it as if oh we would love to create an A.I. version of you so your subscribers can talk to you, ask you for advice, go to you for you know random story times. And you would send us 30 videos of you spinning around looking into different directions so we could recreate, you know, an A.I. version of you. And they told me that I could make $70,000 in one week.”


This is actually the scariest thing ive been offered in a long time! Just because theres alot if money involved doesnt mean its a good idea 😞 #storytime #hollywood #simplynessa

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