Guy Points Out The “Subtle Sexism” In Clothing Sizes By Comparing His Fiancée’s And His Pants

Fashion isn’t just about fabrics and style—it also carries hidden messages about societal norms. In this post, we’re shining a light on an issue that often goes unnoticed but has far-reaching effects: the subtle sexism woven into the fabric of men’s and women’s clothing sizes.

Recently, one man, Expatriarch, shared a now viral Tiktok pointing out this “subtle sexism” by comparing his and his fiancée’s pants sizes.

“Gentlemen, another way that subtle sexism shows up, is in clothing sizes. Now, my fiancée gave permission to raid her closet, and these are all pants that fit her.”

“All right, so we got a size 8. We got a size 10.”

“These are a size 4 or 27, size 29.”

“We also have a medium, so good luck guessing what size that is. Apparently it’s the same size as a large in these.”

“All right, so let’s compare that to the men.”


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