“Your Priority Is Only Pay” — Manager Rescinds Job Offer After New Hire Asked Him About Salary

Anyone in the workforce will tell you: job interviews are stressful, particularly for the candidate. Aside from all of the things you want to know, such as company culture, expectations for the job, and most importantly, salary.

For whatever reason, some employers see that as a red flag. I’d argue that it’s more of a red flag for your boss to take issue with questions about pay.

Unfortunately, one Redditor who interviewed for a position and got the job experienced this firsthand. He was so excited to get the job he forgot to ask about the salary, so he reached out via text and lost the job before he even started. All because he asked how much he’d be getting paid.

Here’s how it played out: First, the manager withdrew the job offer after being questioned about pay.

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“A text conversation I had the day I was supposed to go sign new hire paperwork.”


After reading the text exchange, commenters overwhelmingly responded in support of the tutor.

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1. Here’s what Reddit’s fiercely “anti-work” element had to say:








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