These Girls Are Left Homeless For The Night After Paying 3 Months Rent Upfront To Airbnb, Then Beg For Help Online

The allure of Airbnb, with its promises of unique stays and local experiences, has been a game-changer in the world of travel. Yet, amidst the excitement, there’s a growing sentiment of exasperation.

Recently, one Airbnb customer (@bevvvvvvyyyy) took to Tiktok to beg for help after having a terrible customer service experience.

“Okay, internet, like, we actually need your help. I am living with my best friend in San Diego, across the country from our family this summer. And our Airbnb guy was running an illegal sublet and didn’t tell us, so we got evicted. Like, literally, an eviction notice that was like, if you’re not out in 24 hours, we’ll change the locks. And this guy didn’t even tell us this wasn’t legal. We thought he owned the place he was renting. It was a whole thing.”

“Either way, we call Airbnb because they were like, ‘We’re going to pay for you to be in a new place. We’re going to help you, we’ll refund your whole trip. But once they found out our trip was three months they’re like, ‘no, we’re not going to refund that.’ But we’re like, ‘we did pay to stay somewhere illegal. We thought you guys vetted this person, like, did you not?’”

“And then they were like, ‘okay, we’ll pay for your next place.’ But because we’re in San Diego, the only places that are left today – like, we literally are evicted today – are super expensive, like $1,500 a night. And so Airbnb is like, “we won’t pay for that either. Like, we won’t pay for that. We can find you a place. We found you it. It’s $1,500 a night.”

“And so we’re like, please. Like, we’re two young girls with nowhere to live tonight. Because you guys didn’t like, vet this person. You guys told us this was safe. We booked through the whole time. Anyway, we need help.

Please, like, blow this up. Like, I don’t even know. Like, we’ve been on the phone with these people for 24 hours. They keep forwarding us to other people, hanging up on us. Literally being like, ‘okay, we’ll text you back.’ Then they’ll say ‘we’ll refund you the whole thing’ and they just go back on it. The internet has so much power and I need, like, we need your help. Like, we’re actually going to be f***ing homeless.”

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