Employee Cusses Out Closing Crew On TikTok – And They Quit The Next Day

In a recent viral video sweeping TikTok, one brave worker opened up about the heated confrontation they had with their co-workers, and the internet has a lot of opinions.

The worker’s reaction? It had viewers absolutely dragging her as she dramatically lies on her bed in the video, hand cloaked over her mouth as if she’s just seen a ghost – or, in this case, vividly reliving a cringeworthy chapter from her employment chronicles.

“Thinking about that one time I had to open @ work and cussed out the closing shift for not doing their job right and the next day they quit,” the explosive text overlay declares.


Joe if you see this im so sorry i was off my meds

♬ i wait for u alex g – ☆

Shift Wars 101: For those who’ve been blissfully outside the realm of retail and service gigs, here’s the scoop: The ‘Closing Crew’ are the night owls, holding down the fort until the very end and prepping for tomorrow’s business.

On the flip side, the ‘Opening Crew’ is tasked with rising and shining early to get everything set to welcome the day’s customers. Sounds simple enough, right? But, oh, the drama that unfolds between them.

The common narrative? Each team throws major shade at the other, often suspecting that their own shift is the Herculean labor while the other team is just coasting. In reality, both teams have a laundry list of tasks: cleaning, restocking, food prep, and the all-important cash count. The true burden of responsibility? Well, that’s a wild card, changing with the unique blend of establishment, team dynamics, and the ever-watchful management.

“Joe if you see this I’m so sorry I was off my meds,” the worker quips in a cheeky caption that’s as relatable as it is raw.

Numbers Don’t Lie: This jaw-dropping confession from @flappaclappa has racked up a staggering 640,000+ views and is closing in on a whopping 1,000 comments since it dropped early Tuesday morning.

Team Closer or Team Opener? The comments section is a war zone. The majority seems to align with Team Closer, voicing frustrations reminiscent of age-old family squabbles.

But despite the fiery debate this TikTok has ignited, it seems @flappaclappa is unbothered by the storm her post has created.

“Hate comments make me horny,” her daring bio reads, reminding us all that in the end, she’s owning her truth, and living for the drama – just like the rest of us.


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.