New York Condo-Hunter Has To Pay $10,000 In Fees Just To Sign The Lease, And That Doesn’t Even Include Rent

New York City – the epitome of urban living and dreams – but also infamous for its notorious real estate market, where apartment hunting often feels like an extreme sport. Among the challenges that prospective tenants face, the dizzying array of fees associated with leasing a condo stands out like a towering skyscraper.

Recently, one condo-hunter, Piper Phillips (@pipercassidyphillips), shared how the New York condo fees are out of control.

Piper rattles off a ton of fees that add up to an insane $10,000 jus to get the keys. “And that doesn’t even include rent,” she says.

She says she respects people who work in the real estate hustle, but this is ridiculous. 

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