TikToker Reveals “U-Haul Hack” When Car Rentals Are Booked Solid

So, last year, the U.S. had a wild rental car shortage. Why? Well, during the pandemic’s start, car rental places sold loads of their cars, thinking they’d easily buy more later. But surprise—a chip shortage messed up new car production, making even used cars pricey.

While most rental car scenes are back to normal, getting a rental car booked can still be a pain, but apparently not for U-Haul. Enter Gess from TikTok (@gesshernandez).

With regular car rentals all booked up, she opted for a U-Haul instead.


The cool part? She saved cash, especially since she was just driving around downtown.


Her now-removed TikTok, which reached over 232k views, got folks chatting about how smart her U-Haul move was.


The support from viewers was pretty much unanimous.

Some of them made suggestions for maximum use/comfort.

Some pointed out how renting a U-Haul like that sometimes costs less than usual car rentals.

Guess it’s all about thinking outside the box (or U-Haul) when you’re in a pinch.


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.