Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems — 40 People Share Cool Designs And Inventions

Get ready to witness some true innovation and creative problem-solving! In a world where everyday challenges can sometimes leave us scratching our heads, it’s always refreshing to stumble upon designs and inventions that seem to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

From ingeniously simple gadgets that make the mundane tasks a breeze to sleek designs that blend aesthetics with practicality seamlessly, this post is a celebration of the human ingenuity that continuously finds inventive ways to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

1. My Local Library Has A “Library Of Things” For Residents To Borrow Useful Household Items Like Toolkits And Power Washers

2. Australian Company Introduces Glow-In-The-Dark Highway Paint Technology

3. Dallas Love Field Airport Offers Free Feminine Hygiene Products

4. Today The Nurse Used An Infrared Vein Finder To Place An IV

5. Traffic Light With Shining Pole

6. This Swing That Lets Parents Swing Together With Their Kids

7. UK Supermarket Has A Tag You Can Add For Carts With Wonky Wheels

8. A Company Made A Pill Bottle With A Timer Showing When It Was Last Taken To Help People With Alzheimer’s Or Any Other Thing

9. A Sliding Chair To Help Disabled People Go Into The Sea

10. This Playground Has A Sign So Hearing And Deaf Kids Could Play Together

11. My Hospital Has A Fake LED Window On Their Ceiling

12. A Park Bench That Can Fold Into A Table

13. This Bus Stop Is Facing The Other Way To Prevent People Being Splashed By Curb Water And Dirt

14. Ballot Bins In Manchester To Encourage People To Not Litter

15. This Bridge’s Fencing Has Holes In It For Cameras

16. This Elevator Has Buttons For Your Feet, So You Don’t Have To Touch The Buttons With Your Hands

17. Decathlon Now Sews The Labels Onto Small Scraps Of Fabric Instead Of The Actual Clothing Item, So It’s Easier To Cut Them, And They Don’t Leave Any Itchy Residue Behind

18. This Airport Has Exercise Bikes That Charge Your Cellphone

19. This Vending Machine At The Hospital Selling Healthy And Affordable Meals

20. The Local Brewery Doesn’t Have Gender-Specific Bathrooms, Only Stalls With Specific Types Of Toilets

21. Table With Hidden Compartment

22. 3-Way Water Fountain. For Refilling, Sipping, And Pets

23. In Finland, There Are Buttons To Thank The Bus Driver

24. I Got A Waterproof Cast On My Ankle Today

25. My Bookshelf Came With A Tool To Hold The Nails And Position Them Perfectly

26. This Carousel In Hong Kong Has A Sea Turtle Mounted To The Floor For Disabled Children

27. These Air Conditioned Construction Worker Jackets In Japan

28. This Light Attached To The Lamp-Post Projects A Picture On The Ground To Show Where The Sidewalk Is In Case Of Snowfall

29. In Rotterdam, We Have Free Public Bike Repair Stations

30. The Mall Of America Parking Ramps Have Parking Availability Lights To Let People Know If There’s A Spot Available

31. This Breathable Mattress My Infant Son Uses To Prevent Suffocation

32. Fan Pull Chains That Have A Light Bulb And Fan Blades At The End To Indicate Which Chain To Pull

33. This Bathroom Lock Also Works As An Accessory Tray

34. A Picnic Bench With Wheelchair Access

35. These Bins In Sweden Show You What To Recycle

36. The Airport Escalator Automatically Sterilizes Handrails

37. This Pizza Box In Japan Has A Handle In The Middle To Keep The Pizza Flat

38. This Mall Has An Area To Wash Your Hands Without Having To Enter The Bathroom Area

39. This Shopping Cart In France Has A Map Of The Entire Store On It

40. This Airport Bathroom Has Green And Red Lights Above The Stalls To Show Which Ones Are Occupied


Mike Primavera

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