Dominos Delivery Driver Harasses Customer About Placing A Delivery Order Rather Than Picking It Up

In the modern age of convenience, where a simple tap on a screen brings goods to our doorstep, delivery drivers have emerged as unsung heroes of our daily lives. Navigating bustling streets and unpredictable schedules, they bridge the gap between our desires and our doorstep, often with a smile and a spirit of service.

Yet, within this realm of dedication and efficiency, a nuanced narrative unfolds – one that reveals both the commendable efforts of the majority and the regrettable behavior of a minority.

Recently, one Dominos customer, Erica Rodriguez (erica.bk11), had a run in with the minority. A delivery driver who gave a bunch of attitude for, uh, having to do their job?

“I ordered Dominoes and the delivery driver had the nerves to ask me why I had my food delivered if I can just go pick it up.”

She explains she had it delivered because she has small children at home. “That’s fair, that’s fair, that’s fair,” the driver replied.


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