Server Has Hot Take PSA For Customers Who Come Into Restaurants With Just A Book

In the bustling world of restaurant service, the delicate dance between providing impeccable hospitality and maintaining a smoothly flowing establishment is an art form mastered by dedicated servers.

Yet, amidst the symphony of culinary experiences and camaraderie, there exists a particular note that can discordantly disrupt the rhythm of a server’s day – the presence of patrons who, armed with a book and a seemingly limitless amount of time, set up camp at a table without any intention of engaging with the menu.

Recently, one server, Syd (@poorandhungry), experienced this frustratingly common instance and decided to make a brutally honest PSA.

She acted out the all too common situation in this now viral Tiktok.

And dished out some harsh truth.

See the full Tiktok here:


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Mike Primavera

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