People Share Parenting Opinions They Believe Everyone Should Hear

Parenting is an extraordinary journey filled with triumphs, challenges, and countless decisions that shape the lives of both children and parents alike. In this grand adventure, advice and opinions are often shared freely, ranging from well-meaning suggestions to invaluable nuggets of wisdom that resonate across generations.

In this post, we’re diving headfirst into the deep pool of parenting opinions, gathering insights and guidance from individuals who have walked the path of parenthood. The thread after this tweet posted by @_Phoenixblvck had some great replies.


“I don’t like the ‘you’ll always be my little girl/boy/baby’ thing that some parents do.”

“I’m 35, my mother says it to me all the time and she treats me like a child. I feel sorry for my sister, she’s 21 and still lives with her, so she gets the same treatment all the time.”



“Parents should respect their kids’ boundaries when it comes to physical affection.”

“This whole ‘you *must* hug and kiss so and so because they’re your relative / our close family friend who has known you since you were in diapers’ is absolute BS. It’s not consent if you’re forcing your kid to hug or kiss someone when they don’t want to, and can create issues for the kids regarding boundaries and consent later on. I grew up with a family like this, and surprise, surprise, I now have issues when it comes to being touched or being offered physical affection.”



“Stop making being a parent your entire personality. You are still a person with your own interests, thoughts, feelings, emotions.”



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“Kids should be bored sometimes.”

“You do not need to fill every minute of their lives with things to do or drop everything to cater to them when they’re ‘bored’. They need to learn how to entertain themselves. It enhances their imagination and creativity.”



“Not everyone needs to have kids. And not everyone needs more than one kid!”



“I’m tired of the ‘do as I say and not as I do’ parents. It’s why we have so many crappy adults now.”

“If you don’t lead by example, your words mean nothing. If you want your kid to be a kind, empathetic, boundary setting, loving person – show them! Making your child afraid of you isn’t the same thing as teaching them how to act.”



“Sometimes children cry and it’s OK, it just means they have emotions.”

“Some children cry more than their siblings, and it’s OK because all children are different. Don’t tell them that crying is wrong, only for the weak, or that it makes them ugly.”



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“Ignoring your kids when they have big feelings, such as a tantrum in public, is just teaching them that their parent isn’t a safe space.”

“If they can’t rely on their own parent to help them regulate, they will always feel like they have to keep their emotions to themselves.”



“If you can’t look after yourself, don’t have a kid. If you can’t afford the kid you have, don’t have more. If you’re on the fence about having kids — DON’T HAVE KIDS.”

“It’s better to regret not having them than regret having them. The planet does NOT need any more people on it!”



“You shouldn’t be having children if your love for them will depend on them growing up to be straight and cisgender.”

“If you can’t accept that you may have a queer child, don’t have kids.”



“Your kids are not social media content.”



“Your kids don’t owe you anything. You chose to have them. You owe them.”



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“Here we go — my kids come third…”

“First is myself. I’m not losing who I am, and my identity that my wife fell in love with. It’s about being able to care and look after myself so I am fully present and can be the best husband to my wife and dad to my children. My wife does the same. Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Second is my wife who’s amazing. We also have date nights every fortnight, where we talk and keep our relationship strong and loving.

Third are my children, who I also love dearly and make sure their needs are met, but not ahead of ours as it will eventually cause resentment.”



“I think it’s important that parents apologize to their kids when they’ve made a mistake or been in the wrong.”

“It’s important for kids to see what genuine apologies are, and that their parents aren’t infallible.”



“Stop with experimental parenting methods out in public.”

“If they’re having a tantrum and making a scene, then get them quiet as quickly as possible. I get why the ignoring them thing works, because they are doing it for attention, but it doesn’t work quick enough.”



“As a parent, I can tell you that nobody knows the ‘right’ way to parent.”

“Yes, there are obviously things you should definitely not do, but just because your child reacts to certain interactions one way, it doesn’t mean anybody reading this will have the same outcome with their own child.”



“Stop using your children for free childcare.”



“If you can’t accept that you can’t plan their whole life for them, and programme them to like the ‘right’ things, or whatever, then do not have kids.”


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