Restaurant Customer Sparks Heated Debate After Video Showing How ‘Boomers vs. Gen Z’ Act While Dining Out

If you’ve spent any amount of time online in recent years, you’ve likely noticed the generational war happening. Particularly between boomers and millennials, but Gen Z joins in at times, too.

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While there are many differences between the generations, do you think you could tell which generation someone is part of but just seeing how they leave their table at a restaurant?

For example, do you neatly stack your dishes and tidy up the table at the end of your meal or do you just leave everything a mess for the staff to clean up?

TikToker @sallymander_ seems to think that when things are tidied up it typically means someone of an older generation was sitting there and when there’s a mess, it must be someone of a younger generation.


“I’m not the waitress…I was the customer to the left. Even though it’s not ‘our job’ it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself and requires 0 effort.”

The now-viral video has inspired quite a conversation among commenters who are sharing their opinions.


Many commenters think that this behavior says more about how the customer was raised, and not how old they are.

“Literally stop blaming generations and blame the way someone was raised. I’m 28 and clean up and so does my 17-year-old brother.”


Some restaurant workers note that stacking dishes and tidying up doesn’t make much of a difference.

“As a busser, I kinda don’t like when people stack ’cause it ruins my flow and the way I do it. Best to just tidy it up instead.”

Another server shared their thoughts on customers stacking dishes.

“I worked as a server and didn’t like people stacking their plates. It messed with my way of doing things.”

You Can View The Full Video Here:


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What do you think? Is this a fair generalization or is it just cherry-picking in order to start an intergenerational fight?


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