30+ Forgotten Pictures That Will Have Every Boomer Positively Booming With Nostalgia

The past, they say, is a foreign country, and nothing evokes the sense of nostalgia quite like revisiting the snapshots of yesteryears. For the Baby Boomer generation, these images capture a time when bell-bottoms were in fashion, vinyl records spun their magic, and rotary phones reigned supreme.

In this post, we’re taking a delightful trip down memory lane, curating heartwarming pictures that are sure to have every Boomer positively booming with nostalgia. Here are 4o of the best we could find.

1. Nestlé’s Quik that came in a tin container and required a spoon to pop open its lid

2. Prell shampoo when it came in a glass covered bottle

3. And Peter Pan Peanut Butter that game in a glass jar with a tin lid that was sometimes hard to grip

4. “Clicker” TV remotes

5. Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes with the banana seats that everybody you knew seemed to own

6. Bayer Aspirin packaged in tin pillboxes

7. Cake saver travel carriers that made sure that homemade cakes reached the potluck, birthday party, house party, or BBQ without a scratch on the Crisco frosting

8. And savory Jell-O being used to make Jell-O vegetable salads

9. Delicious, delicious Tang that came in glass jars

10. And the special Tang pitchers they sold for it

11. Band-Aids that came in tin containers

12. Nabisco Saltine Crackers that also came in tin containers (OK, so a lot of things came in tin containers)

13. Life magazine, which seemed like every family you knew had a subscription to

14. Promotional 45 records that came on cereal boxes

15. Evening editions of newspapers — which also got delivered

16. Mr. Whipple in the “Please, don’t squeeze the Charmin!” Charmin commercials

17. Colored toilet paper that usually coordinated with the color of the bathroom

18. Crocheted doll toilet paper holders that also coordinated with the bathroom

19. Dr. Scholl’s wooden Exercise Sandals that came in the distinctive almost Kodak yellow box

20. Suitcases before they had wheels — which meant you felt every single pound you put into it while carrying it

21. Rotary phones that took forever to dial a number and weighed, like, 10 pounds

22. Pop-up telephone books that made looking for a friend or family member’s phone number easier

23. Fancy ashtrays that were part of the decor in people’s living rooms — and there would be multiples of

24. S&H Green Stamps and the books you or your folks would put them in

25. And bubble gum cigarettes that looked a lot like real cigarettes because they had an almost similar “name-brand”

26. Flashcubes, which allowed you to get four flashes per cube

27. When you needed two keys for your car; one to open the car doors and one to start the ignition

28. Better Homes and Gardens Creative Cooking Library, which came with some, um, creative recipes in it that your mom would try to make

29. Campho-Phenique Liquid that also came in glass containers

30. Carbon paper for whenever you needed a copy of something you were typing

31. Metal ice cube trays

32. Alka-Seltzer when it came in glass containers

33. Big Sears catalogs that came in the mail several times a year


Mike Primavera

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