40 Times People Found Something Mildly Interesting Enough To Share In This Delightful Online Group

In the vast sea of internet content, where viral trends and sensational stories often steal the spotlight, there’s a delightful corner that celebrates the beauty of the everyday. It’s a place where people gather to share the simple, the ordinary, and the mildly interesting moments that often go unnoticed in our fast-paced lives.

The subreddit r/MildlyInteresting is a treasure trove of pics that aren’t exactly mind-blowing, but they are always kind of fascinating in their own way. Here are 40 of our favorites.

1. My Favorite Local Restaurant Collects Tips To Help People In Need

2. My Honey Came With A Tiny Handmade Beekeepers Hat

3. A Bike I Bought Got Delivered In A Box Showing An Aquarium And A Note Explaining Why

4. This Restaurant Named “Thai Food Near Me”

5. My Friends Cat Got Shaved At The Vet And Now She Looks Like A Game Of Exquisite Corpse

6. The Different Reflections From My Glasses

7. Public Air Shower In Tokyo To Blow Pollen Off Hay Fever Sufferers

8. What Microwave Popcorn Looks Like Inside The Bag

9. My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother’s Day

10. This Car Is Full Of Bumper Stickers That Say Bumper Sticker


12. A Rabies Vaccines That Is Airdropped In The Woods For Raccoons To Eat

13. A Reflection From My Friend’s Phone Created A Pink Floyd Album Cover On Her Hazard Button

14. These Two Food Droids Trying To Figure Out How To Get Past One Another

15. This Bridge’s Fencing Has Holes In It For Cameras

16. I Flew Over Some Lakes That Looked Like A Man Walking His Lama

17. A Broken Quarter

18. This Bi- Colored Leaf I Found Today

19. My Library Is Displaying An Archive From Our Local Newspaper Predicting A New High Schooler In Town, Taylor Swift, Will Rise To Stardom

20. This Gummy Brand Of Candies From Norway Have Boobs On Half Of The Gummies

21. Woke Up To A Swan Peering Through My Front Door

22. Saw This Adult Sized Little Tikes Car In The Parking Lot Where I Was

23. Local Creamery Has Beef With Chase Bank

24. I Had A Tendon Transplant In My Finger And They’re Using A Button, Sewn Through My Fingernail, To Hold The New Tendon In Place While It Heals

25. These Electrical Outlet Plates My Mom Painted For Her Kitchen To Match The Granite

26. This Vintage Calculator Is Transparent So It Could Be Displayed Via Overhead Projector

27. I Found This Box Of Fentanyl Test Strips In The Local Brewery’s Bathroom

28. This Person Taking Their Parrot For A Walk At The Mall

29. My Local Pizza Hut Hasn’t Changed Since The 80’s

30. I Found A Tiny Pocket Knife At A Music Festival

31. My Transition Glasses Were Left In The Mesh Pocket Of My Backpack

32. A Walmart In Florida Now Has Sensory Friendly Hours

33. This Group Of Colorful Humans Waiting For A Train In Montreal

34. I’m At The NYC Macys And The Escalator Is Made Out Of Wood

35. One Of My Laundry Pods Has No Detergent

36. This Tiny Stop Sign

37. This House That Has A Tunnel Through A Juniper Bush To Get To Their Front Door

38. Pool Themed Restrooms In A Hotel

39. My Collection Of (Mostly) Vintage Uranium Glass

40. A Globe That Shows Elevation


Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome