Woman Claims Nerds Make The Best Husbands And Dads, Other Women Agree

In the world of romance and relationships, there’s a quiet but undeniable shift happening. More and more women are finding themselves drawn to a particular kind of partner—the nerd. Gone are the days when the stereotypical image of the rugged, mysterious, and often aloof romantic interest was the universal ideal.

Instead, a growing number of women are turning their attention to individuals who proudly embrace their inner geek, championing intellect, passion, and authenticity over clichéd notions of what a partner should be.

TikToker Isabel Brown (@theisabelbrown) explains why this is a thing now.

“If he owes a light saber, green flag. If he has purchased a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: greenest possible flag. If he has an unhealthy relationship with Ahsoka Tano, you better run to the altar. Bonus points if he’s obsessed with Monopoly.”

“Because those little underestimated nerd boys grow up to be men who see what’s in here.”


Nerds make the best husbands. It’s a fact.

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Here’s what both women and nerds had to say in the comments:


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