The Viral Trend “Corporate Math” Has People Sharing Absurd Examples Of Corporate Logic

Remember the quirky ‘girl math‘ and ‘boy math’ memes that once ruled our feeds, humorously showcasing skewed logic? Well, the internet has now turned its witty attention to the world of business with the viral ‘Corporate Math’ trend.

Much like its predecessors, this trend takes a humorous jab at the often bewildering and downright absurd logic that seems to dominate the corporate world. From inexplicable budget cuts to convoluted project timelines, these memes shine a light on the head-scratching moments many have encountered in their professional lives.

Recently, one Tiktoker and Leadership coach Robyn L. Garrett, shared some expert examples of “Corporate Math”

See the Tiktok here:


From the people ghat brought ypu boy math… corporate math! #corporatehumor #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Robyn L Garrett

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Mike Primavera

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