40 Oddly Terrifying Pictures That Are As Unsettling As They Are Mesmerizing (November 2, 2023)

Prepare to enter a realm where the line between fascination and fear is wonderfully blurred, as we dive headfirst into a curated collection of oddly terrifying pictures from r/OddlyTerrifying. These visuals are not just unsettling; they’re also mesmerizing in their eerie beauty.

In this post, we’re about to embark on a journey through the surreal, the uncanny, and the downright spine-tingling. These images possess an otherworldly quality that captivates our senses, urging us to explore the strange and embrace the unsettling.

Whether you find solace in the eerie allure of the bizarre or simply seek to challenge your perception of the world, this post is a visual rollercoaster that promises to leave you both intrigued and perhaps a little unnerved. Get ready to delve into a realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary, and where the oddly terrifying becomes oddly captivating.

1. X-Rays Taken By The Us-Mexico Border Patrol


3. Rare Case Of Green Hairy Tongue Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

4. This 15th Century Mummy Found In A Rain Forest

5. Afgan Hound Jumping

6. This Is A Teddy Bear Made Out Of Human Placenta

7. Sinking Of Amoco Cadiz In Brittany 1978 Looks Like A Giant Whale Surfacing

8. First Aid Manual Of What To Do When Someone Is Choking

9. When You (Hear A Bang And) Discover An Aircraft Engine Lodged In The Wall Of Your House

10. Falcor In His Retirement Home

11. Double Decker Airline Seats

12. Miss Piggy Of ‘The Muppet Show’ Makes A Special Appearance In A Children’s Hospital

13. This Person’s Randy Room

14. X-Ray Of A Chinese Woman Who Underwent Footbinding


16. Sanding Wood For An Hour Creates This Arm Of Abomination

17. Doctors Kept Chinese Factory Worker Xie Wei’s Hand Alive By Stitching It To Left Ankle

18. A Medieval-Era Painting Of King Richard II Of England And Isabella On Their Wedding Day. She Was Six – He Was 29

19. Taking A Lift Up A Mountain In Gwangju (1984)

20. My Headphone Suddenly Stopped Working. It Was Full Of Ants

21. People Sat On The Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower In Mecca

22. It’s Late At Night And I Hear A Loud Bang Come From My Garage. After Looking Around I Notice The (Fairly Heavy And Formerly Flush) Crawl Space Cover Is Ajar

23. Old Man Who’s Been Stalking Me At My Job Leaves Note On My Car

24. A Dead Whale On The Brink Of Exploding

25. Inner View Of Ponte City Apartments In Johannesburg, South Africa

26. The Guatemala City Sinkhole


28. Foxconn “Antijump” Nets Designed To Keep Factory Workers From Ending Their Lives

29. This Mexican Restaurant Compares Its Burritos To Babies For Scale

30. A Puppy Born With One Eye, 2 Tongues And No Nose

31. Skeletal Cancer Aftermath

32. This Cosplay Makes Me Uncomfortable

33. My Brand New Matress I Ordered On Amazon Came Infested With Bed Bugs


35. Bathroom Over An Abandoned 15 Story Lift Shaft

36. I’m A Residential Building Inspector And This Is A Recent Inspection I Did On A Burnt Down House



39. Went Exploring At Our Local Abandoned High School. Found This In The Basement

40. Found A 16 Inch Blade Tucked Under A Tree In My Front Yard. Not Mine And Was Not There Before


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