Airbnb Host Documents All Of The Party Supplies Left Behind By Guest, Including A Full Mini Keg

As an Airbnb host, the journey doesn’t end when your guests bid farewell and head for the door. It’s when the real adventure begins, with tales of the unexpected, discoveries that range from amusing to downright bewildering, and a sense of curiosity that keeps hosts on their toes.

Recently, one Aibnb host shared the baffling amount of party supplies lefty behind by their last guest. 

“I’m not even mad. How can people be mad when people leave stuff behind like this? If you leave behind trash, I’ll be a little mad. But like this stuff? That’s just gonna be added to my collection.”

“One day I hope this whole room is filled with just like quirky things that people could use.”

See the Tiktok here:


What our guest left behind in our Airbnb! Our home host 13 people and we encourage get togethers! #texas #leftbehind #fyp #vacationmode #travel #comevisit#CapCut

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