DoorDashers And Customers Debate After Tiktoker Warns Not Tipping Results In Longer Delivery Times

Welcome to the digital dining dilemma, where the debate over whether DoorDash deliveries take longer for customers who don’t tip is a sizzling topic that’s been making waves in the world of food delivery services.

Recently, one Tiktoker, Jessica Golich (@jessicagolich), brought up this debate in a now viral video.

“DoorDash now has a built-in warning that if you don’t tip your delivery could take longer. Here’s the warning it stops you and it asks you if you want to add a tip, what do you guys say?”

See the Tiktok here:


#greenscreen I always personally tip really well wby? 👀 #doordashtip #doordashtipwarning #doordashdriver #doordashlife #deliveryfoodtok #deliveryfood #deliveryservice #deliverybelike

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Here’s what people are saying in the comments:


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