NYC Tenant Reveals How Little $7,000 A Month Gets You Renting In New York City

Welcome to New York, the city that never sleeps, where dreams are woven into the fabric of every skyline, and the rent keeps rising like a perpetual tide.

From the brownstones of Brooklyn to the high-rises of Manhattan, we’ll explore the factors driving up rental prices and why many are finding themselves at a crossroads, contemplating a move away from the city they’ve called home.

Recently, one NYC tenant, Ally Shapiro, revealed just how little you get for an apartment in the city, and for $7,000 no less.

“Let me show you what $7000 a month gets you in New York City”

“Unfortunately, my building raised our rent so we have to move and the apartment is only 570 square feet. So let me show you what $7000 looks like”

“This is the kitchen, which honestly I cannot complain about”

“It is gorgeous. Oh, it is very small, but the finishings are amazing, especially for New York.”

“It is a modern, clean, nice apartment. But this is it”

“It’s less than 600 square feet and is on the 2nd Floor of the East Village.”

“That is the noise you hear all day, all night and they want to charge $7000 a month for this”

“This is the one and only bedroom”

“Not even enough room for drawers here or a nightstand. So I have one night stand and one set of drawers there”

“And the closet, because it’s for my boyfriend and myself, literally busting at the seams. So for that much money, you would think we’d be comfortable in a huge apartment. Nope, this is the closet. My shoes cannot even fit. They’re everywhere. So I have two racks, my boyfriend has the one down here.”

“Just not a practical living space for how much they’re charging”

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Why we’re moving out of our $7k/month apartment in NYC. Less than 600 sq feet and this is what they want…#nyc #nycapartment #nycapartmenttour #rent

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