Artist Leaves Their Incredible Handmade Pottery To Be Found In The Most Unexpected Places

On your next outdoor adventure, keep your eyes peeled for a delightful surprise – discarded pottery treasures. Kim Press, an artist hailing from Sailing Adrift Studios, has made a heartwarming tradition of leaving her exquisite handmade pottery pieces behind as gifts during her journeys across various states and even abroad.

Her one simple request? That these unique creations find a new home with someone who can truly appreciate them.

Residing in the Lone Star State of Texas, Press’s journey into pottery began during her tenure as a stay-at-home mom. Her fascination with this art form grew rapidly, leading her to hone her skills and eventually offer her creations for sale online.

The concept of “abandoning” her pottery pieces sprouted from an Instagram challenge, but Press was so captivated by the idea that she decided to make it a regular part of her travels. So, if you stumble upon one of her abandoned treasures, know that it’s a gift from an artist who simply wishes to share her passion and creativity with the world.

She leaves her work in unexpected, but findable places.

She always “abandons” these works with a kind note.

To date, Press has left her art in 36 states and three different countries.

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Mike Primavera

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