Woman Tries To Justify Charging $7000 For Her Cheese Board After People In The Comments Freaked Out

In the world of high-end catering, extravagance and luxury often take center stage. From lavish spreads to intricate presentations, it’s a realm where no detail is too small and no expense is spared. But as the opulence reaches its zenith, many of us can’t help but wonder, “Are they for real?”

Recently, one woman shared her lavish $7000 cheese board spread, but was met with people freaking out in the comments.


Emmy, the mastermind behind ‘Sophisticated Spreads,’ found herself in the spotlight when a detailed breakdown of her $7,000 grazing table garnered viral attention. In a candid post, she meticulously unveiled the costs of various food items and provided insights into the overhead expenses associated with running her business.

However, despite her transparency, some online users still found the price tag too steep for their taste. The incident sheds light on the debate surrounding the extravagant world of high-end catering and its sometimes eye-popping price tags that leave even the most discerning foodies in awe.

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Now, obviously people were shook.

So she posted another video defending herself.

“I charge $7,000 for a cheese board, and I’m going to tell you why. And let me just clarify, I’m not making this video to defend my prices, because I’m very confident in what I charge. I’m making this so that it’s clear to the other business owners who don’t know their worth: you can charge whatever you want. And if people are booking it and your clients are happy, then you’re doing it right.”

“Now let’s dive into the pricing on this table. First of all, it was 25 feet long. It was also for 150 people and this was the only food that they were serving at the engagement party. The client also upgraded and added a garland that is hand woven by a florist that has eucalyptus and other different greenery items, which is an additional charge. We used all artisan cheeses for this board. So in an additional charge, and the real kicker is that we are based in Los Angeles and this event was in Napa Valley. For those who don’t know, that’s a six-and-a-half-hour drive. We had to stay in a hotel and I had to bring a team to make this bread. So before you get your panties in a wad do your research. Thank you.”


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And she then broke down the price.


“Oh, so you think you’re funny. For all of you smart alecks in the comment section, I’m gonna break down the profit margin on a grazing table like this, which is $7000. Let’s keep in mind that the profit margin in the food industry is not great, guys. This is why restaurants and companies go under. It’s about 20 to 30%.”

“Now let’s get into it. We charged $7000 for this grazing table. It came out to about $550 in artisan cheeses that we sourced. We spent $150 on the charcuterie. The garland, which you can see in the video, is hand-woven by a florist and that comes down to about $150 for about 20 feet of garland.

We also used fresh flowers which are the yellow flowers seen in the video, and then also edible flowers. That ran us about $75.  Now you have the decor items which are not necessarily meant to be eaten but are just there for, like, you know, vibes. That’s about $100.

Now let’s factor in the fresh fruit. So that’s grapes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, the whole nine yards. That’s roughly $300. Our little veggie crudité stations, we had two of them, that was about $75. Now you got to factor in the fact that we have hummus, spinach, artichoke dip, honey, pepper jams, chutney, and also honeycomb on the spread, which is $50.”


“Now let’s factor in all of the other stuff to make your grazing table a grazing table. So that’s literally anything besides the cheese and meat and the fruit. So you’re talking crackers, baguettes, dried fruit, nuts, all the… all everything else. That I would value at about 300, but that’s out of our inventory.

Now there’s the other, like, special dessert items that we got and other things that we sourced directly for this event. That’s $200. In the video, you can see single-use tongs and stuff to pick up the cheeses and whatnot. That’s about $50, including the napkins. As I mentioned in my follow-up video, this was in Northern California, we’re based in LA. So this is about $300 in gas costs for us to drive six hours to Napa Valley.”


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