Expert Reveals What Actually Happens When You Donate Cloths In Donation Bins

Have you ever wondered about the mysterious journey your donated clothes undertake when they’re dropped into one of those enigmatic metal clothing donation bins? It’s a question that’s crossed the minds of many generous souls who aim to declutter their closets while giving back to those in need.

Recently, one Tiktoker shared what actually happens when you donate cloths to one of those donation bins.

The TikToker provided insights into the journey of donated clothing from American homes to overseas markets, exemplifying his explanation with footage from a marketplace named Gikomba in Nairobi, Kenya.

The video showcased workers in the market sorting and pressing these items for sale. To substantiate the claim that these clothes originate from the U.S., the TikToker pointed out the presence of American company logos, college insignias, and even K-12 school references on many of the shirts and sweaters.

However, he also acknowledged that the business isn’t particularly lucrative for the workers at the market who bear the brunt of the strenuous labor involved in the process.

See the full Tiktok here:


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