“Christian-Friendly Positions For The Bedroom” — Tiktok’s Leading Christian Sex Influencer Gives Tips

Bethany Beal, a Christian influencer, sees her mission as inspiring Christian wives to embrace passion, sensuality, and deep intimacy within their relationships. This approach appears more open and accepting compared to rigid teachings that label any form of non-procreative sex as a sin.

So, it’s a positive shift in perspective.

Bethany Beal recently shared a video showcasing what she calls “Christian-friendly” sex positions, which, in reality, appear to be quite ordinary. The video features positions like “Amazon 2,” resembling cowgirl, “San Francisco Treat Cunnilingus,” a standard cunnilingus position, and “Gallery Sex,” essentially horizontal reverse cowgirl. Some viewers questioned what made these positions Christian-friendly, with one even humorously asking if they were mentioned in the Bible.

Comments on the video were divided, with some expressing confusion and disappointment. One commenter mentioned feeling that the content was not led by spiritual guidance. Others inquired about which positions might not be considered Christian-friendly, while some argued that any position within a marriage is acceptable.

In light of the varied reactions, Beal shared a follow-up comment, reaffirming that her content is specifically aimed at married women. She pointed out the prevalence of relationships that go against her faith, including issues like adult content and erotica. Beal emphasized the importance of having more voices advocating for biblical marriage and providing support to women striving to follow their faith.

She acknowledged and respected the choice of those who decided to unfollow her and expressed her commitment to championing married women while sharing content aimed at enhancing their intimacy.

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