Woman Breaks Up With Guy After He Leaves Her On The Toilet With No Toilet Paper

Influencer Jess Jacobsen, also known as @oohhjesss on TikTok, recently found herself in an unexpected situation. She began her now-viral tale with, “I’m breaking up with the guy I’m dating because of what he did to me when I was on the toilet the other day.”

She continued, “So I’m at his house, I sit down and I take a poop, right? I go to wipe, there’s no toilet paper.”

Despite Jess Jacobsen’s polite request for a new roll of toilet paper, her boyfriend seemed unwilling to follow the Seinfeldian wisdom of “sparing a square.” Recounting his response, she said, “He said ‘no. I already told you that bathroom’s out of toilet paper.'”

Even after asking again, Jacobsen’s boyfriend insisted on teaching her a lesson about remembering which bathrooms lacked TP, repeatedly refusing to assist her. “No, I already told you. You’re going to have to figure it out,” he reportedly replied.

In an unconventional and inadvertently health-risky suggestion, he proposed using a bath towel if she had only urinated. As Jacobsen cried for help, her partner attempted to drown out her pleas by focusing on his TikTok feed.

Moments before tossing a roll of toilet paper at her head, he allegedly exclaimed, “What the f—, you’re so f—ing dramatic.”

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