35 Hilarious Examples Of Buildings That Used To Be Something Else But Aren’t Fooling Anyone

There’s a hilarious subreddit called “Not Fooling Anybody” where people post photos of buildings that have been converted to other uses, yet still strongly resemble their former use. Pizza Huts are a big theme there, but not all of them.

I see recycled retail buildings all the time, and it’s, frankly, awesome for sustainability.

My old dentist was in a former Taco Bell. I had to stop going to him because I started to associate Taco Bell with root canals.

There are empty malls all over the U.S. and someone recently told me they were going to turn some into apartment complexes. I thought it was weird at first but I guess it’s a good way to make use of a perfectly good building. On the other hand, living in an old Spencer’s Gifts would be weird.

30 Buildings That Are Not Fooling Anybody:

1. “Former KFC In Maiden, Nc Now A Mexican Restaurant. Col. Sanders Is Now Col. Sanchez”

2. “Domino’s used to be a KFC, Albert Lea, Minnesota”

3. “Taco Bell turned into Law Offices”

4. This Blockbuster Got Converted To A Book Store


6. Church In My Local Town Converted Into A Nightclub

7. “Looks like this Albertson’s location wasn’t so Lucky.”

8. “Old ToysRUs is now the biggest liquor store I’ve ever seen! Includes a bar. Fun for kids turned fun for adults. (Omaha, NE)”

9. “Former Village-Inn, now cannabis dispensary. Tampa, FL”

10. “Dead Mall Turned Into College Building. Stores Were Converted Into Classrooms”

11. “Walgreens that used to be a Historic bank. Chicago, IL”

12. “Last year this was a Jack In The Box”

13. “the owners ended their Quiznos franchise but wanted to run a sandwich shop still”

14. “This Black Rifle Coffee Company location used to be a Taco Mayo. (Moore, Oklahoma)”

15. “They didn’t even remove the original sign on the cart corral”

16. “One of my favorite bad conversions of all time: Former Servco gas station turned into KG’s Quik Stop”

17. “Old taco bell (Hamilton, Ontario)”

18. “Nickelodeon studios! It has been painted over but you can still tell what it used to be”

19. “Former Gander Mountain now a…Hobby lobby?”

20. “Former Pizza Hut now an Asian vegan restaurant (Pinellas Park, FL)”

21. “Definitely not Krispy Kreme”

22. “Tim Hortons and Circle K (Toronto, ON)”

23. “A former Burger King listed online as a townhouse”

24. “Library in an old supermarket”

25. “Planet Fitness in a former Circuit City. Phoenix, AZ”

26. “Gresham, OR – This was once a gas station and then a used car lot before becoming a Jimmy John’s.”

27. “Little Caesar’s Pizza in a former Sonic Drive-In; location unknown”

28. “Spirit Halloween – was Fraser Health Covid-19 vaccination clinic until last week, formerly Best Buy – Surrey, BC”

29. “Pretzelmaker, now Avis/Budget Rental (North Little Rock, AR)”

30. “Former Arby’s in Norfolk, Virginia”

31. “Former Walgreens, now a Dollar Tree – Memphis, TN”

32. “Apple store in an old theatre, Los Angeles”

33. “King Gyros, formerly Long John Silver’s, Mooresville, Indiana”

34. “Boathouse Discount Marine (Jacksonville, Florida)”

35. “Former Family Video, now a Dollar General (Kalamazoo, MI)”

h/t: NotFoolingAnybody


Stefanie Mustian

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