37 People Share The Most Brutally Annoying Coworkers They’ve Ever Had

Ever had a coworker who made you question if a career in hermitry was a viable option? Well, you’re not alone! In our latest laugh-out-loud article, we bring you the tales of brave souls who’ve endured the most brutally annoying coworkers imaginable.

These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill pen stealers or loud chewers. Oh no, we’re talking about office characters so bizarre, they could give sitcom writers a run for their money.

From the person who thought tuna fish and microwave were a match made in heaven, to the one who communicated exclusively in cryptic riddles, these stories will have you rolling your eyes and chuckling in solidarity.

So, grab your favorite stress ball and prepare to dive into a world of workplace woes that are so absurd, they’re almost endearing. Trust us, after reading these, your annoying desk neighbor might just start to seem like a blessing!

1. Someone at work (nursing) perfectly ripped my husband out of the wedding photo on my locker. There’s no way this was accidental.

2. ” My Coworker Crossed Out Holocaust Remembrance Day So I Erased The Line And Used Sharpies So It Bleeds Through The Whole Calendar. That Way She Never Forgets It”


4. Woke Up On My Day Off To A Voicemail Asking Why I Wasn’t At Work. Apparently Someone Changed My Schedule Without My Knowledge And That’s My Fault??

5. The Mess I Watched My Coworkers Left. To Those Of You That Say I Should Have Cleaned It Up, I Am Not Cleaning Someelse’s Mess On My 20 Minute Break

6. How My Coworkers Leave The Vacuum Cord

7. Someone At Work (Nursing) Perfectly Ripped My Husband Out Of The Wedding Photo On My Locker. There’s No Way This Was Accidental

8. I Have Been Writing A Fun Fact Every Week On An Unused Whiteboard At The Office. Someone Clearly Doesn’t Like It

9. “Someone” At My Work “Doesn’t” Know How To Use Quotation Marks

10. I Left Some Coworkers A Full Box Of Brownies And Asked Them To Just Save Me A Few And This Is What They Left Me

11. Office Manager Tries To Bully Me Into Giving Money For A Present For Our Millionaire Boss

12. This Is How A Coworker Parks Every F*****g Day…

13. Employer Didn’t Contact All Weekend Regarding Monday Work

14. I Watch The Maintenance Crew Dump The Recycling Into The Trash Bag Every Day After Work. Why Even Have Recycling Bins?

15. My Coworker Cleaned His Ears At Work This Afternoon

16. How My Coworker Opens A Box Of Gloves With A Perforated Top

17. My Coworker Drives Me Insane. My Coworker Doesn’t Shut Doors, Refuses To Do Dishes, Doesn’t Empty The Lint Trap, Etc. This Is What I Pulled Out Of It Today

18. My Coworker Put His Cigarettes In The Small Oven At Work To Drye Them. He Forgot Them And Burned Them When He Cooked His Pizza. And He Still Forgot Them At The End Of His Shift. Even After Cleaning It, There’s Still A Smell When It’s On

19. My Co-Worker’s Handwriting

20. We Make Our Own Schedules And Send In Availability Every Month. It’s Been The Same Policy For The 7 Years I Have Worked There. New Supervisor Seems To Be On A Power Trip And Trying To Make It My Fault She Doesn’t Know I Am Scheduled Off For The Week

21. My Coworker Learned You Can’t Be Honest In The Work Group Chat Smh

22. My Coworker Left His Tooth On The Desk Again

23. Someone In The Office Ate My Snacks While I Was On Leave

24. I Work At A Hospital And My Coworkers Think Their Mothers Work Here Too. These Have Been Sitting In The Break Room For 2 Weeks

25. My 2 Coworkers Left 45 Minutes Early On A Holiday Weekend, Leaving Me With All These Dishes

26. Coworkers Have Done This Atleast 50 Times Now, It’s 100ft Of Power Cord And Air Hose (100′ Each), A Long Frozen Pressure Washer Hose And Another Cord

27. This Is In My Office At Monday. It Will Remain Like This Until The Cleaning Staff Comes At Friday

28. I Asked A Coworker To Count And Tally Up Some Apparel For Me. This Is What I Got:

29. My Dad Had A Stroke And I Took My Vacation At Work To Help Care For Him

30. Guy At My Office Complex Parks Like This Every Single Day. The Lot Is Always Full Each Day As Well. He Doesn’t Have A Handicap License Plate Or Tag On His Mirror

31. This Is Supposed To Be Cleaned Every Night By My Coworker With 15 Years Of Experience Running His Own Coffee Shop

32. Went To Store 15 Heavy Boxes Of Records By Myself. Found The Storage Unit Like This When I Opened The Door. Coworker Said “Can’t You Just Put What You Took In There For Now?”

33. Someone Poured Milk In The Coffee Machine At My Office

34. My Coworkers Complained To My Manager That I Pee Too Much

35. Boss Brought In A Few Cinnamon Rolls To Share. One Of My Coworkers Did This:

36. How A Coworker Opened This Resealable Bag

37. My Coworker Has Taken To Carving Things


Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome