Tiktok Comedian Goes In On Celebrities For All Having The Same “Rich People” Home Decor

You don’t need to be an interior designer to have a keen eye for unique decor and stylish furniture. This appreciation for home aesthetics is probably why many enjoy delving into home tours, exploring the diverse items people showcase in their homes.

Dan Mahboubian Rosen, a comedian based in New York, shares this fascination. He’s not just a casual observer; he meticulously notes the common items that appear in the homes of the wealthy. His attention to detail has caught everything from lavish designer couches to enormous mirrors “the size of a barn door”.

Struck by the repetitiveness in these luxurious homes, Rosen took to TikTok. In a series of viral videos, he playfully challenges the wealthy to diversify their home design choices, asking for a little more creativity in their decor.


“It’s not that I don’t like these, but you have money so why not also have your own taste? You don’t have to copy people.”

“Togo Sofa by Ligne Roset. You can stop buying these. If you’re a poor person, you can stop wanting these”

Ligne Roset

“Update your fantasy, okay? Have original fantasy. What are you going to get? Money? And then you’re just going to copy what everyone else has? No, no, you don’t have to get a sofa that looks like a shar-pei dog.”

“Pierre Jeanneret chairs. They’re classic. They’re modern. They’re definitely not comfortable.”

Pierre Jeanneret

“So just find a different chair to indicate to people that you’re cultured and you have taste. I just can’t see another home office with this chair. I’m done with it.”

“The Bellini sofa. Every Arch Digest tour has one of these”

B&B Italia

“There has to be a different sofa. Right? Okay, rich people, celebrities, interior designers, find one that’s not this. It exists. I know. I’ve seen other sofas in stores, on the internet. Us poors can’t afford any of this. Okay, so just give us some variety to hate you for. Just a variety of envy. That’s all I ask.”


Please heed my advice rich people #interiordesign #furniture #luxuryhomes #celebrityhomes

♬ Little Boxes – Pete Seeger

People related to the joke.


“The Hermès throw. I don’t care if it’s soft. It’s boring. It’s inoffensive. You see it in the staging of every single grotesque penthouse in New York”


“Megan and Harry have one, which means it’s officially not cool. Once it reaches royalty, it’s over”


“The Ultrafragola mirror”


“We get it. You’re cool. You’re funky. You like millennial pink. Every time you take a mirror selfie, you have to let the whole world know you have great taste. Get a grip, okay. It’s a fine mirror but you can find other nice mirrors out there that aren’t the size of a barn door. If you like Memphis design so much, you can get this bookshelf, which has not yet been ruined but is probably close to being ruined.”

“Aesop soap”


“Rich people, Aesop is not actually for you. Aesop is a luxury soap for people who cannot afford it. It’s for broke creatives who want to feel fancy and impress their guests. If you actually have money, you should be using a soap I’ve never even heard of, that’s made of, like, lithium batteries and the leftover buccal fat. It’s not that any of these are bad, it’s just I hate watching celebrity home tours. It’s one of the few pleasures that the masses have. And I’m just bored ’cause they all look the same. So get some new [stuff]”


Simply begging the one percent to change it up #furniture #interiordesign #luxuryhomes #celebrityhomes #greenscreen

♬ Le Freak – Chic


“Get some new stuff, because I’m bored.”

“Banana leaf wallpaper”


“This is in Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale’s house, But you don’t live in the Beverly Hills Hotel, okay? Having this on your wall does not make you Faye Dunaway, it makes you look like you have a tiki bar in your house. It’s, like, nice, but it only refers to itself. It’s too famous.”

Jenna Peffley

“This is Demi Lovato’s house. She has it there. She also has a Ribbon chair and a Togo sofa. How many iconic design things can you have in your house? They don’t make sense.”

“Then we got these tiny little wooden stools or chairs”


“This is Kirsten Dunst’s bathroom. They’re usually in the bathroom for some reason. They’re not for sitting. They hold like one item. And the item is like another even smaller little wooden chair.”


“This is Kendall Jenner’s bathroom. And look, I get it. You want a nice little crafted object. You want everyone to know you went to Santa Fe one time. I think, unless you’re, like, Geppetto, I think you can pick a different crafted object, just for a few years.”


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Stefanie Mustian

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