50 Children Who Did Something So Silly, An Adult Just Had To Post It Online

With tiny humans, logic often takes a backseat to pure, unfiltered imagination. Funny kids reign supreme. Their antics, so effortlessly hilarious, can transform the dullest day into a marathon of laughter. It’s like they’re on a mission to outdo each other in silliness, and we’re just living in their comedic world.

Enter the era of funny parenting tweets, our modern-day diary entries that capture these moments of hilarity for posterity (and a few likes). These snippets of everyday life, shared online by amused and often bewildered adults, celebrate the chaos and comedy of raising children.

So, prepare for a delightful rollercoaster of emotions as we explore tales so ridiculously cute and funny, they were destined for internet fame. Get ready to laugh, facepalm, and maybe even reminisce about your own childhood’s silly escapades.



3. My Kid Was Playing Workshop While I Fixed The Garage Door Yesterday. Super Glad I Checked My Shoe Before Putting It On


5. The First Thing He Does


7. Paper Clips Are Hard


9. A Picture Of Me When I Was 9 Or 10. God I Was So Cringe

10. My Neighbor’s Kid Was Tasked With Bringing My Mom Some Chocolates


12. Tell Me You Have A Three-Year-Old Without Telling Me You Have A Three-Year-Old

13. Who This Kid Trying To Fool

14. Took The Snack Pack Away From My Daughter So We Could Get A Nice Picture

15. 5-Year-Old Is Inventing New Pokémon With Legos And Named This One “Boner”




19. My Two-Year-Old: “I Want The Choclate Banana”



22. Hide And Seek In My Son’s Hospital Room


24. My Kid Took A Bite Out Of The Pie And Filled The Hole With Potatoes To Hide The Evidence


26. My 5-Year-Old Refused To Eat His Fritter Because “It Looks Like A Baby Dragon”. He Wanted Me To Take A Photo And Share It With The World, So Here You Go


28. This Is Our 4-Year-Old Niece’s Hiding Place. My Wife On The Left Is The Seeker

29. Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate How Awesome My Niece Is Hiding

30. Found My Camera On The Floor And Asked My Kid If He’d Been Fiddling With It. “No, Of Course Not Daddy”

31. Get These Notifications At Work From My 4-Year-Old



34. I Tried Turning On The TV And It Wouldn’t Turn On. I Opened The Remote And I Found This

35. I’m Babysitting My 3-Year-Old Brother. We Decided To Play Hide And Seek. This Was His Hiding Spot. I Washed The Dishes And Folded My Clothes While Loudly Asking Were He Was. Everyone Won

36. My Son Playing Hide-And-Seek At My Parents’ House

37. We’re Playing Hide-And-Seek


39. My 8-Year-Old Niece Changed Her Roblox Display Name To “Poopfart” And Couldn’t Change It

40. A Guy’s PS4 Was Ruined After His 6-Year-Old Son Wanted To “Play A Nice Dog Game” He Found In The Garage


42. Trying To Eat A Cracker

43. My Son Thinks He Is Hilarious – Told Him To Stack The Dishes In The Sink

44. I Took Him Out Shopping For His Birthday, Told Him He Could Get Anything He Wanted And He Picked Soap


46. She’s Crying Because Her Brother Proudly Announced The Size Of A Turd He Laid, But Flushed It Before She Could See It





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Mike Primavera

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