50 Wholesome Pictures Of Big Dogs Who Think They’re A Normal Size

Ever met a dog who thinks it’s a lapdog, but in reality, it’s more like a full-grown moose in disguise? Get ready for a heartwarming giggle-fest as we present a collection of wholesome pictures featuring big dogs who are blissfully unaware of their colossal size.

These gentle giants roam their tiny kingdoms (our homes) with the grace of a bull in a china shop, convinced they are the perfect size for cuddles, lap naps, and squeezing into spaces that clearly defy the laws of physics.

Imagine a Great Dane trying to fit in a cat bed, or a St. Bernard insisting on being the little spoon. This collection is a tribute to those adorably oversized pooches who see themselves as pint-sized pups, bringing a whole new meaning to “big love.”

So, let’s celebrate these lovable behemoths who remind us that no matter how big you are, there’s always room for one more on the sofa… sort of.

1. Children’s Hospital Of Los Angeles’ Best Therapy Dog Ever – My Mom’s Dog Bonner

2. This Good Boy Did A Heck Of A Grow This Year


4. Our 6-Month-Old Big Baby Bear, Gus, Wishes Everyone A Happy Friday Filled With Lots Of Boops And Big Floof Hugs

5. Little Lady Next To A Giant Dog

6. Our Rescue Pup, 11.5 Months Old

7. DNA Came Back – 93% German Shepherd, 7% Unidentifiable. We’re Guessing Grizzly Bear

8. When Someone Complains About Dog Expenses, I Laugh Simply Because This Is The Kind Of Dog I Got To Provide For

9. Uncle Jim And His Rare Pup Of Gargantuan Proportions, Mody

10. Two Years To The Day

11. 7-Week-Old Great Dane Puppy’s Beans

12. Tibetan Mastiffs

13. My Dog Has No Sense Of Personal Space

14. Protector Of The Family

15. Bodie And Me

16. What Are You Talking About? I Fit Perfectly

17. I’ve Been Told Many Times That My Rescue Dog Is An Absolute Unit

18. This Big Guy

19. Six Years Ago I Picked Up This 30-Pound Fluff Blob. What Has Changed Since Then? Not My Wardrobe. Celebrating Another Year With Ronan, The Sleepy Giant

20. Bruce Wayne Is A Big Snuggly Cane Corso

21. My Parents’ Dog Who I Got To See Over The Holidays

22. This Absolute Unit Of A Puppy I Met Tonight

23. My Parents’ Dog, Mozzarella

24. Get A Puppy They Said

25. This Dog On A Train

26. I Just Absolutely Love This Picture Of Gareth And Bruiser

27. Alaskan Malamute Phil vs. Alaskan Klee Kai. Check Out The Size Difference Of The Two Breeds! We Love That Their Markings And Coloring Are So Similar

28. They Just Can’t Understand That They Are Not Lap Dogs. These Two Still Think That They Are Little Dogs And That Both Can Fit

29. He Won’t Stop Growing. Send Help

30. This Is Faelen, My 500 Lbs Wulf. (Guys, It’s A Joke, Of Course He’s Not 500 Lbs)

31. People Are Always Surprised When They Meet Bon Homme, I’m 6 Foot, 230 Lbs For Reference

32. “I’ll Come And Comfort You, Mom. You Can Have My Great Big Bones On Your Leg”

33. Our One-Year-Old Baby

34. From 8-Week-Old To 1-Year-Old

35. Absolute Unit Of An Alabai Dog

36. Our Absolute Unit Of A Puppy. Pics Exactly One Month Apart

37. From 12 Weeks To 12 Months

38. “Mom Went On A Holiday Without Me. I’m Super Happy Now That She’s Home. I Am Not Leaving Her Side Now”

39. Sure, I Am Glad I Got Him That Nice Big Bed So His Tail Can Be Comfortable

40. Not The Best Picture, But I Love You

41. Our Baby Bear Roddy Is 1 Year Old

42. Long Boy And His Sidekick, Demon-Eyed Boy

43. My Big Bear

44. Comfort Dog At The Airport

45. Everyone Tells Me To Post My Pupper Here

46. My Absolute Unit Of A Dog

47. Watson Turns One This Month. He’s My Big Boy

48. Jumbo The Shoulder Dog

49. This Unit Of A Dog I Met At The Dog Shop

50. My Old Dog Was A Unit


Mike Primavera

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