Folks Online Are Roasting This Guy Who Compared His Proposal to B2B Sales, Sharing 7 ‘Lessons Learned’

Once the go-to site for crisp resumes and professional networking, LinkedIn has seen its tone shift dramatically. What used to be a platform for sharing career milestones and insightful articles has slowly morphed into a showcase of self-congratulatory posts and personal life events dressed as business insights.

Amidst this evolution, or devolution, depending on who you ask, some posts stand out more than others. None quite so strikingly as Bryan Shankman’s recent venture, where a marriage proposal was turned into a sales pitch—blurring the already fading line between professional updates and personal oversharing.

Guy Uses LinkedIn Proposal Post to Teach Sales Tips, Internet Collectively Groans

Image credits: Bryan Shankman

“Like a well-run sales cycle, key milestones must be met throughout the relationship to ensure a ‘Closed Won’ status at the end.”

This is how Bryan Shankman began his LinkedIn post, likening his journey to marital engagement to navigating a successful B2B sales process. He detailed each phase of his relationship as a strategic step in business negotiations, from the initial attraction to the ultimate commitment.

Image credits: Bryan Shankman

While aiming to merge romantic milestones with sales tactics might seem innovative to some, it struck others as a stark reminder of how personal moments are increasingly being co-opted for professional gain on platforms like LinkedIn.

Users Across Social Media Couldn’t Help But Roast the Overzealous Sales Comparison


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