25 Funny Misleading Captions From This Online Group Prove Pictures Aren’t Always What You Think

The mind is highly subjective. And pictures aren’t always what you think! Or are they?

If we’re told we see something, very often that is exactly what we see. Our brains are pretty magnificent: when we need to understand something, the brain works VERY hard to make sense of anything that seems nonsensical.

Of course, that ingenious design has a little quirk. And thanks to the subreddit Misleading Thumbnails, we get to exploit that flaw. The popular sub, which boasts 490,000 members, basically pairs misleading titles with images, changing our brain’s understanding of the photo, but also making us laugh.

Or as the groups mods put it:

 A place to share posts (often found elsewhere on reddit), that have the unique quality of generating a Reddit thumbnail that misleads people into seeing something entirely different than what the full-size image ends up being.

Here are some of the best we’ve ever seen in the kinda mind-melting group:


2. “Hand after gardening”

3. “Baby deer in a chair”

4. “Screaming human heads”

5. “Take your child to work day”

6. “Delicious Sushi”

7. “A fallen ice cream cone…”

8. “Person running into snow”

9. “Rare madagascar spider”

10. “Cheeseburger without bread”

11. “Microscopic view of a flesh eating maggotMicroscopic view of a flesh eating maggotMicroscopic view of a flesh eating maggot”

12. “The clearest water in the world”

13. “Mark Zuckerberg at Home Sick in Bed”

14. “Shiny blue ball stuck in a tree”

15. “A throw blanket on a couch’

16. “Guy with Giant afro”

17. ‘Broken chair”

18. “This perfect egg”

19. “Fried chicken”

20. “Musical notes’

21. “Tiny frog in a birdhouse”

22. “Water Waste disposal”

23. ‘Close up of my sewing needle collection’

24. “My pet pinecone”

25. “Trashy bride lets it all hang out’

Whoa, hope you’re doing ok after that. If not, here’s a palliate cleanser:

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